Branding Masters focuses on providing strategic and tactical services for start-ups, SMBs and non-profits, including:

Strategic Marketing Consulting

  • Marketing Planning & Budgeting
  • Marketing Program Execution
  • Marketing & Sales Event Management
  • Social Marketing | PR
  • Content Marketing (including Creation, Editing & Proofreading)

Customer Relationship Management

  • Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Systems Mapping
  • Loyalty Program Creation
  • Customer Service Initiatives
  • Customer Appreciation Events
  • Educational Seminars

Partner/Affiliate Management

  • Program Development
  • Partner Events


  • Fundraising
  • Non-Profit Events & Initiatives

Additionally, Branding Masters offers presentations and training as follows:

  • Starting Up: The Joys & Pitfalls of Launching & Growing a Start-Up
  • Branding 101
  • The Down & Dirty of Social Media
  • Ideal Customers: Defining, Reaching, Engaging & Winning Them
  • Event Management 101
  • A+ Customer Service
  • Organizing Your Business For Success

Note: All of the above can be tailored to your specific challenges and needs. We are happy to provide custom-tailored programs for as few as five people and as many as 100, or more!