“You cannot buy enthusiasm;
you cannot buy initiative;
you cannot buy loyalty;
you cannot buy the devotion of hearts, minds and souls.
You have to earn these things.”
— Clarence Francis —

Branding Masters is led by Stephanie Hackney, a branding and marketing professional with extensive experience in: marketing for start-ups and within and for small- and medium-sized businesses; developing and executing strategic marketing programs for start-ups; creating and managing marketing, sales, educational, customer and non-profit events; developing and overseeing telemarketing initiatives; managing retail environments and providing customer service; providing personal and professional services; and, owning and managing businesses.

This vast experience provides the foundation upon which Branding Masters is able to offer its clients a broad scope of services, ranging from strategy to hands-on execution.

Ms. Hackney’s professional and volunteer experience includes marketing, event management, public relations, sales strategy and content creation services for high-technology start-ups, services consultancies, mom-and-pop operations, manufacturers of organizing products and creative goods, and non-profits.

Ms. Hackney has successfully worn many hats, including those of:

  • Business Owner
  • Start-Up Superhero
  • Brand Manager & Evangelist
  • Director of Marketing
  • Marketing Consultant
  • Marketing, Sales, Customer & Fundraising Event Producer & Manager
  • Sales Promotion Specialist
  • Content Creator, Editor, Proofreader & Marketer
  • Trade Pub Columnist & Contributor
  • Ad Copywriter
  • Community Manager
  • Telemarketing Manager
  • Production Manager
  • Account Executive | Line Manager
  • Retail Department Manager
  • Non-Profit Board Member
  • Fundraiser

Perhaps the most important role of these has been that of business owner – she knows what it takes to market a business, successfully.

Ms. Hackney has proven success in the following areas:

  • Marketing Strategy
  • Brand Development
  • Public Relations
  • Sales & Marketing Events & Promotions
  • Market Research
  • Customer Service
  • Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Systems
  • Customer Loyalty Programs
  • Telemarketing/Telesales Programs
  • Business Development
  • Partner/Affiliate Programs
  • Database/Information Systems
  • Business Efficiency & Organization
  • Business Process Documentation
  • Documentation Quality Control
  • Policy Development (Customer Service, Data Management, Process & Documentation, Events)
  • Merchandising & Display
  • Training (Sales, Customer Service, Marketing, Telesales, Fundraising, Event Management, Organization)
  • Speaking
  • Fundraising

Ms. Hackney has extensive experience in numerous market segments, including:

Staff Member:

  • Software (Prism Solutions, Silicon Valley start-up – IPO’d in 1996 and was later acquired by IBM)
  • Market Research Consulting (Macro Consulting – research firm for Apple Computer and Levi Strauss)
  • High-Technology Consulting (Enterprise Group, Ltd. – premier IT Consultancy serving Fortune 100 companies)
  • Public Relations (Wilson McHenry Company – high-tech PR firm for AMD, Symantec/Norton, Intuit, Synopsys, Go Corporation)
  • Retail (Nordstrom, The Broadway)
  • Cosmetics (Estee Lauder, Revlon, Visage, Gayle Hayman)

Business Owner:

  • Marketing & Event Management (Branding Masters – strategic marketing & branding consulting for numerous start-ups; SBahn Productions – marketing consulting and/or event services firm for Prism Solutions, Red Brick and Enterprise Group, Ltd. )
  • Online Information Provider (PaperCrafter’s Corner – a website that delivered 4m+ impressions in 2015; Craft Storage Ideas – a website with 12k+ visitors per month)
  • Non-Profit Event Management & Fundraising (Creating for Causes – marketing & event management services for those wishing to host events to raise funds for causes)
  • Organizing Services (Organized for Living – professional organizing services firm providing services to businesses, individuals and families)

Board Member:

  • Non-Profit (Dress for Success San Diego – local affiliate of national non-profit serving disadvantaged women)

An added benefit for clients in the craft or creative industry is Ms. Hackney’s direct personal involvement in the industry
, including as:

  • Owner of two well-respected industry websites, PaperCrafter’s Corner and Craft Storage Ideas
  • Former columnist & contributor for two well-respected trade publications, Creative Retailer Magazine and Scrapbook Business Magazine
  • Owner of Creating for Causes, a consultancy offering marketing and event management services to those seeking to raise funds for causes through fundraising events
  • Advisory Council Member for Memory Makers Magazine’s Camp Memory Makers
  • Active participant, and leader, in online crafting communities such as Two Peas in a Bucket
  • Consultant for Picture Me Foundation’s very successful charity crop at Scrapbook Expo
  • Charity crop developer, manager and fundraiser seeking to privately raise funds for non-profit organizations such as Casa de Amparo, a San Diego-based children’s shelter
  • An avid papercrafter, scrapbooker, stamper, card maker and crocheter (and all-around crafting enthusiast!)

And finally, Ms. Hackney is a world traveler who has traveled through 44 countries and across six continents by most every means of transportation possible.

This personally fulfilling experience has provided her with a fresh perspective on what’s possible and enables her to bring an “outside-looking-in” perspective to those companies interested in pursuing business outside the U.S. market.

She has led numerous seminars on overland, ‘adventure’ travel, and has participated on both masters panels and women’s experts panels, at numerous Overland Expo events; and, delivered several sessions at the BMW National Rally in Redmond, Oregon.

A more detailed view of Ms. Hackney’s background can be found here on her LinkedIn profile:
Stephanie Hackney on LinkedIn